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Step 1 - How to begin:

The best way to begin a search is by searching for the persons name in some of the major search engines. It is amazing some of the information that is available with a simple search such as this. For any given individual various obscure information such as articles in local, regional, or national publications, obituaries, marriage announcements, clubs and affiliations, awards, race results, etc.. the list goes on and on. This information can reveal important details about an individual such as city and state of residence, age, occupation, phonenumber and more. This information will prove to be very useful as we begin a more focused search further into the process.

Any one piece of information can be critical as we expand our search. A single piece of information can be the key to unlock a wealth of free background information. For instance, finding a business affiliation can be used to determine a the individuals city and state of residence. Having the city and state information we can perform more specific searches for criminal records, white pages listings, cell phone, obituary, marriage, and other public record searchs. You may already have some key information... great! If not, don't worry, we are about to begin collecting some!

The first step when looking for information about a person online is to do a basic search on the best search engines. The first step is very basic and may seem obvious, but it is important that we do not overlook it! Results can be overwhelming for some individuals ("jim jones"), and works best for names that are not as common. The purpose of this step is to gather any (and as many) keys we can find. We can then use these keys later on to help us as we try to unlock specific information doorways.

When entering you search terms, remember that you can use the '+' and '-' to improve your results. For example jim + jones + arizona - phoenix will return results with jim jones and arizona, but not phoenix (in most search engines). This can help when searching for very common names. Start now by using the People Search Engines link here or in the 'Tools' menu on the left hand side of this page.

Search Engines

Note: This link, and any link in the 'Tools' menu will always open in a seperate browser window. This window will remain open so that you can close the 'Tools' window when you are done with your task and pick up where you left off.

Do not be discouraged if no information is discovered during this step. This step serves to aid in more specific searches later in our process. It shortens the duration of the time and effort required later for successful results. Without it, more energy and persistence will be required. You can use the 'search engines' link in the tools menu (Upper Right Navigation on this site) to try more search engines or to access the search engines at any time from this site.

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