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Search for people in Canada for free using the links listed directly below in the middle of this page. All of the tools/resources listed below in the middle area of the page should be free. If this changes, or if there is a great tool you know of that we should add, please let us know via the 'contact us link' in the upper right corner of this page. The links at the very top and bottom of the page are advertisements and may charge.

Canada411  -  One of the best sources for location canadian people. Also allows you to search for and find businesses, toll-free numbers, city guides, as well as
Canadian Yellow Pages  -  Great source for business lookups and other yellow page information.
Infobel Canadian People Search  -  Search provided by Infobel. Standard search, Extended search, Reverse address, Reverse lookup, International dialing Codes.  -  Canadian phone books, Business Finder, People Finder, Reverse Lookup, Area Code Lookup, BC Blue Pages Home, Alberta Govt. Numbers, postal codes and more. Contains listings from Canadian telephone companies; over 1 million business listings and more than 12 million residential listings, regardless of telephone service provider. New listings are added each month, and are verified before being added. Allows you to search for canadian people by province. Excellent resource for finding people and businesses in Canada.
Reverse Phone Lookup for Canada  -  Nice site that allows you to provide a phone number, and get a name and address returned in the results. This site is specifically for phone numbers in Canada. Works very well.


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