Basic Search Engines

What are we doing with a page listing search engines on a people search site? Because the first step in a good online people search is to do a basic search in some of the best search engines. So we select what we consider to be the top search engines on the web.

One of the reasons that we have selected the engines below is because of a lack of overlapping technology. Many search engines on the web look at a similar data or search technology. Trying each of the engines below should protect against that, and insure that you have a very broad sampling of the information that is available via the web.

When entering your search terms, remember that you can use the '+' and '-' to improve your results. For example john + jones + arizona - phoenix will return results with john jones and arizona, but not phoenix (in most search engines). This can help when searching for very common names. Start now by using the People Search Engines link here or in the 'Tools' menu on the left hand side of this page.

For more information on how and why to use search engines when looking for people online, look at our Free Online People Search Guide Step One: Search Engines.

Google  -  Google is powered by Google search technology. This technology makes use of what Google has trade marked ... "PageRank". PageRank was developed Google's founders and looks at links from other web pages as "vote" for the page. The "vote" could be worth more, or less, depending on the page that casts the vote. Of course, the search technology utilizes more that just a PageRank system to determine the relevancy of results based on your search criteria. Currently Google has an index (number of web documents crawled) or over 3 Billion URLs. Unlike other search engines, Google does not sell placement within the results they provide.  -  AllTheWeb is a crawler based search engine just like Google. All the web is an excellent search engine as well, at this writing, it is indexing and searching over 3,100,000,000 pages. If you did not find what you were looking for in Google your next best bet is AllTheWeb. Until April of 2003 AllTheWeb was owned by FAST. That is why sometimes you may still here of the search engine referred to as FAST or FAST Search. Today it is owned and operated by search provider Overture.
Bing (Previously known as MSN Search)  -  The microsoft search engine. For once, we find an example where the company does not dominate the competition, although they have a good search site (just not a rule the world search engine). As of this writing, the current rendition of the MSN search engine is interesting. The results are really comprised of LookSmart and Inktomi data. This data is then groomed by human editors before it becomes part of the final results. At this time, Microsoft is working on there own search engine and spider technology. It will be very interesting to watch this technology develop.
Yahoo Search  -  Perhaps the mother of all search engines, Yahoo made its debut on the web in 1994. Yahoo has been, and continues to go through many changes. Recently, Yahoo has actually been using Google search engine results. This has now changed. One thing that we do not care for about the Yahoo! search is that it uses a pay-for-inclusion model. This means that some preference is given to sites that pay to be included in the Yahoo! listings.

* Note: When using any of the above search engines, using quotation marks ("John Doe") around and individuals name with return exact matches only. This means that when quotes are used, the results will show documents where John Doe is found exactly. If you do not use quotes you will return documents that have both John and Doe somewhere in the document, but not necessarily together.


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