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Use the free tools (directly below in the middle area of the page) to find international people outside the United States. Most major countries are listed below. Use the links below to access lookup address and phone information for international people and businesses. If there are some great international people find and address / phone number lookup resources that we are missing, please use the 'contact us' link (upper right hand corner of this page) and let us know. The links at the very top and bottom of the page are advertisements and may charge. Also, we do our best to list free links below, however, this can sometimes change without notice. If you find any that are charging, please let us know.

Australia  -  Australian Yellow Pages
Australian White Pages
Austria  -  Herold Gelben Seiten
Belgium  -  Infobel Yellow and White Pages
Belgacom Belgium White Pages
AdValvas Belgian Yellow and White Pages
Bulgaria  -  Bulgaria Business Catalog
Bulgarian White Pages
Canada  -  See our search people canada page on this site.
Denmark  -  Denmark person and business directory
Finland  -  Finnish Yellow Pages
France  -  Infobel France
pagesjaunes telecom directories
pages pro
Germany  -  Dastelefonbuch Germany Telephone Book
Gelbeseiten Germany Telephone Book
Dasoertliche Germany Telephone Book
Greece  -  Hellenic Telephone Directories
Greek Yellow Pages
Hong Kong  -  PCCW 1081 Directory Inquiries
Indonesian  -  The Indonesian Yellow Pages
Ireland  -  Golden (Yellow) Pages Online
Israel  -  Israel Yellow Pages
Italy  -  PAGINE BIANCHE White Pages
PAGINE GIALLE online business directory
Japan  -  Japan Yellow Pages
Latin America  -  Directorios Telephonicos
Lithuania  -  Lithuania Business Directory
Mexico  -  axtel
Directorio de México DF y área metropolitana
Mexico White Pages
Netherlands  -  De Telefoongids - White Pages
De Telefoongids - Yellow Pages
New Zealand  -  New Zealand White Pages
New Zealand Yellow Pages
Norway  -  Gule Sider
Nordisk Handelskalender
Poland  -  Poland Yellow Pages
Romania  -  Romanian White Pages
Romanian Yellow Pages
Russia  -  Moscow Business Telephone Guide
Singapore  -  Signapore Phonebook Website
Slovakia  -  Zlaté stránky
Slovenia  -  Slovenia Telephone Directory
Spain  -  Paginas-Amarillas
Sweden  -  Sveriges Gula Sidorna
Switzerland  -  Businesses in Switzerland and Liechtenstein
United Kingdom  -  BT Online Directory
Infobel UK
United Kingdom Yellow Pages
UK White Pages

Other International Resources:

Internet Email Address Finder Free email search, whitepages, yellowpages, area code search, zip code, whois, and ssn origin search.
World Email Provides Web Based Email address and The World Email Directory (WED) which is a global online search engine for email addresses, URL's , Personal and Business profiles from all over the World. The WED has built-in solutions to reduce unsolicited business email and has links and direct search facilities to 90% of all other sources for email addresses on the Net and combined access to more than 18 million email addresses and more than 140 million business, phone and fax directories.


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