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Step 9 - Search property records online:

The purpose of this step is to show how property information can be used to help find people, phone numbers, addresses, and more. This step will outline what kind of property information you can expect to find online. This step will also provide information about where to look for property information, and what kind of information you can expect to find in property records.

One of the great things about property records is that they are commonly available online. If the person that you are looking for is a home owner, or a property owner, you can find a lot of information about them by accessing their property records.

There are a couple kinds of property information that you can expect to find available online. Probably the most common is property tax records. These records are generated and maintained by the appropriate local government agency or office. Typically these records are generated by the assessor office. These records are public information, so you have only to find where to go to obtain them.

Another kind of record that you will come across online are records indicating ownership of the property. These are also typically maintained at a local city or town government office. Typically these records are maintained by the local clerk's or recorder's office.

These records both contain similar data, and it is not really necessary to look for both, unless you were unable to find the information you need on the first one. Generally the type of information that can be found on a property tax record is: Owners name, mailing address (including city,state, and zip), physical address of the property, legal description of the property, tax district, assessed value of the property, annual tax assessment, and a parcel or property ID number.

The problem obtaining property records is not because they are not available, it is knowing where to look. Of course, the local assessor or recorders office is the place to start. We have provided links in our free public records searches tools page to help you locate these offices. You can also access this tool link using the menu system in the upper right hand area of this page.

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