Specific People Search Engines


Step 2 - Use specific people search engines:

After a very basic search using a few of largest search engines (Step 1: search engines), the next step is to do a search using specific people search tools. The tools that we recommend during this step utilize huge datasource's that is comprised of mostly common publicly provided information.

These specific people search tool allow you to search for address, phone number, and email information by providing a first and last name. In many cases a large majority of the address and phone information comes from regional phone company listings (white pages). The advantage of these tools is that you can search a huge collection of information at once, rather than having to find and then search multiple regional sources individually.

A common problem with this step, is that the information found can be out of date. We recommend that you first test the source using your name, or the name of someone you know well. How current and accurate is the information? This can be a good gauge for the accuracy of the results provided for the person that you are looking for.

It is also important to look using more than one tool even if you think that you have found the address and phone number you are looking for. A confirmation from more than one source adds creditability to the information you have found. During this step, and throughout your search process you should take detailed notes of the information you find. Sometimes, information that appears insignificant at can lead to a breakthrough avalanche of information later in the process.

There are many people search tools on the web today. We have two resource pages in our tools menu that can help you with this step. Each page provides access to great tools to help you find people online. We recommend that you try as many of them as possible, not just to find the information you are looking for, but to also to get a confirmation for a second source as well.

Review the tools and resources on the following 'Tools' pages: people search engines, and white pages. Remember these links can be found in the upper right area of all the pages on this site, and can be accessed at anytime should you need to visit them again. After you complete your search, please proceed to Step 3 of the Guide, which can be clicked on via the 'Guide' navigation menu, on the left hand side of this page from any page in this site.

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