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Step 3 - Find the persons e-mail address:

The purpose of this page is to help you search for and find a persons email address. After searching for some specific contact information in (Step 2: people search) we will focus in on an finding an email address in this step.

Even if you have already found a email address for the person you are looking for it is worth your while to do this step. There could be other email addresses that you may have overlooked. Email's can be created easily, and most people usually have more than one.

Why do you want to find a persons e-mail? Because like many other pieces of information, it can lead to many other pieces. For instance, you can use our reverse email lookup to find the name of the person, and sometimes other information for a given e-mail address.

The great thing about a e-mail address is that it is very unique. This makes searching for it much easier. You may have problems searching for "John Smith" in the major search engines. But searching for "" is another matter altogether! It could be the email address that you do not have (yet) that leads to critical information or clues that you are looking for.

Although this guide is organized in a step-by-step format, it is ok to go back to other steps as you acquire new information. For instance, if you find a new e-mail address for the person you are looking for, you may want to go back to step 1 again. Why? You could search all of the millions of web pages indexed for the email address you have just acquired.

It is very common for e-mail addresses to be listed in web pages. The person could have created a web page and included their email address as contact information. Email contact information is commonly published in business, school, charitable organizations, and many other web pages. This information could lead to other clues about a person such as line of work, affiliations, charitable organizations, hobbies, interests, and more.

Another great reason to find email addresses is that there are so many great e-mail search tools available on the web that can help you find a persons email address. The 'tools' menu on the right hand side of this page has the tool link free email address searches. Use this to begin your email search.

A final note on email address searches: This guide, and the tools link for finding email addresses provided on this site is not complete. It is design to cover some of the biggest and best directories of email's. If you know something of the person that you are looking for, you may be able to find a more specific source. For instance, if you know that the person you are looking for attends a university, try looking at the universities site for an email directory.

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