Affiliations and Associations


Step 10 - Use personal, professional, and business associations to find people:

Use personal, professional, and business associations to find people, phone numbers, addresses and more online. The purpose of this step is to outline some broad organization that people can be affiliated with and show how to access information about them online.

Many states require licenses for different professions. The professions that are required to have licenses can very from state to state but usually include accountants, contractors, medical professionals, etc. These records are usually found at the state level. Most state have a 'division of occupation licensing' or the equivalent. We have provide a couple resources below that should be very helpful.

Aside from professional licenses, some professions are very easy to find online. There are a ton of online listings to help you find Architect, Doctors, Dentists, Lawyers, and more. If you know the profession of the person you are looking for and he/she is a architect, doctors, dentists, or lawyer - use the tools we have provided below to look them up. If they are not one of those professions, type in the name of the profession and "finder" into Google and see if there is an online resource that can help you.

US Pilots and people who own aircraft also fall into a special category. These individuals can usually be located online because of requirements surrounding their occupation or ownership of aircraft. He you can search for pilots registered to fly in the United States. This includes pilots that are living outside the US, but are registered to fly within it's borders. This information available in the links below comes primarily (or solely) from the Federal Aviation Administration and is usually updated quarterly.

There also many web sites online to help you locate and contact classmates. Whether from high school or college resources have been create for the purpose of locating classmates online. If you know the high school, college, or university the person you are looking for attended, it would be worth your while to take a look. We have provided resources below to begin with.

The intent of this step is not to include every possible association a person could be found through. Hopefully we have provided enough information and resources to help spark some thought and get the creative juices flowing. There are thousands of other clubs, associations, and affiliations to think of, and in many cases online resources with membership listings. The rest is up to you.

KnowX - Professional Licenses  -  This site provides access to professional license information. .
FAA Airman Directory  -  KnowX FAA Airman Directory
CPA Directory  -  Find Certified Public Accountants.
American Institute of Architects  -  Find Architects.
Pilots  -  Here you can search for pilots registered to fly in the United States.
ClassMates  -  Search for classmates online.
AMA Doctor Finder  -  Search for doctors in the United States.
ADA Dentist Finder  -  Search for dentists in the United States.
Attorney/Lawyer Finder  -  Search for Attorneys in the United States.

This is the final step in our guide at this time, we hope it has helped you to find the person you were looking for. If you have any questions or suggestions for improvement to our guide, or this site, please contact us!

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