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Below is our area code finder - area codes are listed in order by number. The left hand column shows the area code, the right the location. This information can be used to find people or the location of a phone number by using the first 3 digits of the number. In addition to the area code finder below, we have provide links to some of the best area code information sites on the web. These area code links can be found at the bottom the page.

201N New Jersey609S New Jersey
202Washington, D.C.610SE Pennsylvania
203Connecticut612Central Minnesota
204Canada - Manitoba613Canada - SE Ontario
205Alabama615E Tennessee
206W Washington state616W Michigan
207Maine 617Massachusetts
208Idaho618S Illinois
209Central California619S California
210S Texas623West Phoenix Arizona
211Maryland626E S California
212New York City, New York630W NE Illinois
213S California631Suffolk County
214Mid NE Texas636Missouri
215SE Pennsylvania646New York
216Cleveland647Canada - S Central Ontario
217Central Illinois649Turks & Caicos
218N Minnesota650South of San Francisco
219N Indiana651Central Minnesota
224Northern NE Illinois660N Missouri
228S Mississippi662N Mississippi
231W Michigan664Montserrat
236Virginia670Northern Mariana Islands
240W Maryland671Guam
242Bahamas678N Georgia
246Barbados701North Dakota
250Canada - British Columbia703Northern Virginia
252E North Carolina704W North Carolina
253Washington705NW Ontario
254Central Texas706N Georgia
256E and N Alabama707NW California
262SE Wisconsin708Illinois
267SE Pennsylvania710US Government
268Antigua712W Iowa
270W Kentucky713Mid SE Texas
281Texas714North and Central Orange County
284British Virgin Islands715N Wisconsin
297Kentucky716NW New York
301W Maryland717E Pennsylvania
302Delaware718New York City Metro Area
303Central Colorado719SE Colorado
304West Virginia720Central Colorado
305SE Florida724SW Pennsylvania
306Canada - Saskatchewan727Florida Tampa Metro
307Wyoming732Central New Jersey
308W Nebraska734SE Michigan
309W Cent. Illinois740SE Ohio
310S California757E Virginia
312Illinois758St. Lucia
313Detroit and suburbs760California
314SE Missouri765Indiana
315N Central New York767Dominica
316S Kansas770Georgia
317Central Indiana773Illinois
318W Louisiana775Nevada
319E Iowa780Canada
320Central Minnesota781Massachusetts
321Florida784St. Vincent-Grenadines
323Los Angeles785North and West Kansas
327Kentucky786SE Florida
330NE Ohio787Puerto Rico
334S Alabama800US toll free
336Central North Carolina801Salt Lake City Metro
340US Virgin Islands803South Carolina
345Cayman Islands804E Virginia
347New York805S Central Coastal California
351Louisiana806Panhandle Texas
352Florida807Canada - Western Ontario
360W Washington State808Hawaii
361S Texas809Puerto Rico-Virgin Islands-Caribbean
401Rhode Island810E Michigan
402E Nebraska812S Indiana
403Canada813SW Florida
404Georgia814Central Pennsylvania
405W Oklahoma815NE Illinois
406Montana816N Missouri
407Centra Florida817N Central Texas
408Central Coastal California818S California
409SE Texas819NW Quebec
410E Maryland822US toll free
412W Pennsylvania828W North Carolina
413W Massachusetts830Texas
414SE Wisconsin831California
415San Francisco, California832Texas
416Canada-S Centeral Ontari833US toll free
417SW Missouri843South Carolina
418Canada -Quebec844US toll free
419NW Ohio 847Northern NE Illinois
423E Tennessee850Florida panhandle
424S California855US toll free
425Washington856S New Jersey
435Rural Utah857Arizona
440Ohio858S California
441Bermuda859E Kentucky
443E Maryland860Connecticut
450Canada864South Carolina
473Grenada 866US toll free
480East Phoenix Arizona867Canada - Yukon and Northwest Terr.
484SE Pennsylvania868Trinidad and Tobago
501N Arkansas869St. Kitts/Nevis
502N Central Kentucky870S. Arkansas
504E Louisiana877US toll free
505New Mexico888US toll free
506Canada- New Brunswick901W Tennessee
507S Minnesota902Canada - Nova Scotia/Prince Edward
508Central Massachusetts903NE Texas
509E Washington state904N Florida
510California905S Central Ontario
512S Texas906Upper Peninsula Michigan
513SW Ohio907Alaska
514Canada908Central New Jersey
515Central Iowa909California
516Long Island, New York910S Central North Carolina
517Central Michigan912S Georgia
518NE New York913Kansas
519Canada - SW Ontario914S New York
520Arizona outside the Phoenix915W Texas
525Mexico - Mexico City916NE California
530NE California917New York
540Fredericksburg and Roanoke918E Oklahoma
541Oregon919E North Carolina
559Central California920E Wisconsin
561Florida - South Central925California
562California931Central Tennessee
570NE and N Central Pennsylvania935S California
571Northern Virginia936SE Texas
573SE Missouri937SW Ohio
580W Oklahoma940N Central Texas
601Mississippi941SW Florida
602Phoenix Arizona949California
603New Hampshire954Florida
604Canada - British Columbia956Texas
605South Dakota969Maryland
606E Kentucky970N and W Colorado
607S Central New York971Oregon
608SW Wisconsin972Texas
  973N New Jersey
  979SE Texas

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