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Free Address and Phone Numbers searches. Use the tools directly below (in the middle of the page) to find a persons address and phone number online. All of the tools/resources listed in the middle area of the page should be free. If this changes, or if there is a great tool that we should add, please let us know via the 'contact us link' in the upper right corner of this page. The links at the very top and bottom of the page are advertisements and may charge.

AnyWho  -  Find a business or person by a phone number. This site is built and maintained by AT&T. The data comes from regional phone listings and updated approximately every 3-6 months. It is estimated that Anywho has access to approximately 100 million listings. The link here takes you directly to the page to find an address using a phone number. Besides reverse lookup, the site has regular white pages, and yellow pages for finding businesses.  -  Switchboard was the first to market a free national directory or "white pages". This allowed individuals access to nation wide information rather than regional information for the first time. Currently Switchboard also offers national "Yellow Pages". With Switchboard users can look up names, phone numbers, street addresses of individuals, associates, friends, and also businesses.
Yahoo People Search  -  Yahoo's white pages allows a person to search for people and addresses as well as email address. Yahoo's free address phone number people search tools search an extensive  -  Looking for a phone number? Just enter information to find published residential listings. Allows you to search locally or nationally by selecting a state. Features partial matching which allows you to enter just the first few characters of a last name. Depending on the result set, will help you refine your search as needed.
Internet Sleuth  -  Nice site that allows you to search multiple datasource's from one location. This saves some time instead of going to AnyWho, InfoSpace, Switchboard, Whitepages, Worldpages, and Yahoo, you can search each of these from the Internet Sleuth page.
Verizon - SuperPages.Com  -  Search for people nationwide, update your personal listing or save listings to your personal address book. Here you can also find links to access maps, driving directions and even find your neighbors. Verizon Information Services produces the Internet's preeminent online directory and shopping resource,, and world leading print yellow pages, SuperPages.


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