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Free people search online - the free way to find people, addresses, phone numbers and more. The tools, resources, and information that you need to perform a free and comprehensive search for people can be found here. We have worked to collect the best tools, links, and most current information to perform a free people search online. We have also put together a step-by-step guide to walk you through the process of how to find someone online using the tools and links we provide.

Today an enormous amount of information is available via the world wide web. Detailed personal information is stored by government organizations at the city, county, and state level, as well as the vast amount of information captured by private enterprises. Much of this information is readily available to the public simply for the asking.

The problem today with the vast amount of information available on the web IS the AMOUNT of information available! There are many web sites that can access public record databases that make it easier for you to find the information you are looking for. What makes finding people and information on the internet so difficult, is that the information is scattered across the internet in individual databases and data archives.

The trick to finding people and public information on the internet is knowing where to look. There are many web sites, online resources, and tools that provide bits of information that when combined can provide a detailed, personal profile of an individual. The purpose of this site is to help you locate and navigate the overwhelming amount of free information and resources available on the web to find the data you need to build a detailed individual profile.

How to Use This Site:

This site is divided into two parts: The Free People Search 'Step-by-Step Guide' to finding someone online (left hand navigation) and the 'Tools' menu (right hand navigation).

The 'Step-by-Step Guide' is tailored to the complete beginner but contains tips, tricks, and information that even expert users will find useful and informative. The 'Step-by-Step Guide' section will walk you through how to search the web and build a detailed personal profile of an individual using publicly available information sources available in the 'Tools & Resources' menu.

The 'Tools & Resources' will provide tools, links, and resources to particular types of information. As you work through each step in the guide, you will be directed to the appropriate 'Tools & Resources' menu link to search for information. If you don't want to use the step-by-step guide you can use any of the Tools & Resources links to skip directly searching for the information you are interested in.

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